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Friday: Golfing, History & Our Main Event!

Informal class photo from 1969. (Sorry for the poor quality, it will be replaced when a better copy is obtained.)

Friday began early with a golf game in Palos Verdes. Sort of a last-minute affair but welcomed nonetheless. After all of the happenings on Thursday, spirits were very high among everyone to get as much time together as possible. In the late morning we were guided around old Redondo memorabilia and shown the way life was for people of early Redondo Beach. And then the BIG Reception! This 50th Reunion was surely an event to remember!

The group uses the practice green, eager to get started.

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Organized at the last minute by Rob Fowler, a few die-hard golfers among us assembled in the morning hours at Palos Verdes Golf Club to play a round of golf, weather be damned! See below the intrepid groups as it wends its way around the course. You need to know the secret handshake, however, to find out the final results!

Redondo’s Heritage Court courtyard with the Historical Museum and Morrell House.

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We were treated to guided tours of both exhibits in Redondo Beach’s Heritage Court, the Morrell House and the Historical Museum. Heritage Court is located on the Dominguez Park property on Flaggler Lane, along with the City’s official dog park and Redondo Little League’s Chuck Ramsey Field. Local docents Pat Aust, class of ’66 and former RB Fire Chief, guided us through the Morrell House and Tike Karavas, class of ’56, former RB Parks & Rec. Assistant at Beryl Heights and for years a Globetrotter ‘visiting’ team basketball player, guided us through the Historical Museum.

SòL Dining & Event Space entrance @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

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The Crowne Plaza Hotel’s SòL Room provided the backdrop, catering, and our fantastic Reunion Committee surely thought of most of what else we needed. But our attending Classmates provided everything else! The excitement, thrills, inspirations, motivation, wonder and above all, happiness of reconnecting and getting acquainted again after all these years.

Were it not for the realization that far too many of our classmates wouldn’t be with us again, you could have counted this event as the happiest in all of Redondo.