Guided Tour of Redondo’s Heritage Court

By late morning we had arranged to be escorted around Redondo Beach’s Heritage Court, located in the Dominguez Park on Flaggler Lane. Dominguez Park is also home the City’s official dog park and Redondo Little League’s Chuck Ramsey Field. Treated as honored guests, we were amazed at the amount of RUHS memorabilia was being preserved by the City!

The Morrell House

Docent Pat Aust, from the RUHS Class of ’66 and a former RB Fire Chief, guided us through the Morrell House.

Gathering in front of the Morrell House before the tour.

Dottie and Al Hurt pose in front of the Morrell House as the tour is starting.

Docent Pat Aust (class of ’66) is our guide for the Morrell House tour. We begin in the entry room/living room.

Through the living room and into the kitchen.

Ediphone recording device from the living room corner.

What do you have in your broom closet? Here is what we found in the hallway closet.

The formal dining room.

The Victrola sits next to the brick fireplace.

The sitting room with fireplace, piano, Victrola and love seats.

We all piled upstairs for a tour of the living quarters as described by our tour guide, Pat Aust (’66).

On to the upstairs bedroom.

An assemblage of chairs and tables from the era.

Victrola cabinet and tables against the windows.

A closer look at a 1900s era Victrola.

Corner bedroom sitting area, complete with clothing from that period of time!

How appropriate there should an RUHS Band uniform hung on the bathroom door to be used at the next game.

Good view of what was back then a very modern equipped bathroom.

Gathering in the courtyard of Redondo’s Heritage Court then on to the Historical Museum.

The Historical Museum

Docent Tike Karavas, RUHS Class of ’56, former RB Parks & Rec. Assistant at Beryl Heights and for years a Globetrotter ‘visiting’ team basketball player, guided us through the Historical Museum.

Docent Tike Karavas (class of ’56) greets us as we start our tour of the Historical Museum.

RUHS Band memorabilia.

RUHS Band memorabilia.

RUHS Senile Seahawks (sic) hat and shirts.

Article on the famous RUHS alumni Tommy and Dickey Smothers.

Article on Central Elementary School and what it is now.

Display case with many Redondo school memorabilia.

More school memorabilia displayed above the case.

Tike’s old Redondo Parks and Recreation T-shirt from the ’50s.

Vintage Redondo Fire Dept. equipment.

Display of article about the Redondo Pier fire of 1987. Pat Aust was incident commander at the fire.

Various Redondo Beach historical elements and memorabilia.