Reunion Reception @ The SóL Room

This reunion was full of all the elements that go into an event of this magnitude: catered buffet, fully-stocked bar, decorations and enthusiasm! With plenty of space, tables, dance floor, DJ and even staff on hand to help when needed, we were free to have the best time we’d have in over 50 years.

It began with checking in and having a quick photo. Then off to mingle with classmates and enjoy the amenities. We danced, took time to remember our missing mates and dine on the buffet. Take a look at how it all unfolded and who was there. You’ll treasure the images as much as we enjoyed ourselves being there.

Past Reunion Photos + Our Missing Classmates

We didn’t forget to show pictures from many of our past reunions to be sure we all remembered where we came from. We also couldn’t forget our missing alumni either, we were sure to include them in our celebration, albeit by way of their faces watching us with smiling hearts.

Photos from our 10th and 20th reunions.

Photos taken at our 25th reunions.

Lest we never forget, our memorial board attends the reunion with us.

Unfortunately, our loss was so great it took two full boards to include them all.

Reunion Check-in

Jan (Coffin) Wiesen (’66), Joy (Vik) Mainwaring (’70), Gentil (Bensoua) Smith (’71) & Terry (Brady) Martinez (’71) all helped with check-in & photos.

First thing seen after checking in is the 50th Reunion cake!

Of course, we had Ronnie Serrato (’61) in the DJ booth all night long!

Taken just after visiting the check-in table, this array of photos gives an overview of classmates as they arrived. Of course, not everyone stopped to have their check-in photo, but most are represented.

Chris Anderson and Debbie.

Jules Jones and Ludmilla.

Al Hurt and Dottie.

Kim McLaughlin and Grace.

Susie (Maddams) McDonald

Bruce and Kathy (Martin) Bernard.

Laurie Waterman and Nick.

Terry (Holland) Weinberger.

Scott Irby.

Don and Gayle (Franzen) Cuzick.

Bruce and Lorene (Cowan) Cooke.

Gil Houle and Doreen.

Cathy (Furkioti) Fink.

Deveraux (Krasman) Salcido.

Curt Bertrand (seated) and Mark Mitchler.

John and Patty (Gilmore) Ambrose.

Ken Case and Cheryl.

Rick Woodbury and Valerie.

Cindy (Elliott) Wells and Christine (Hamilton) Widman (seated).

Geoff Guerrero.

Fred and Debbie (Crum) Schumaker,

Billy and Kathy (Lowell) Gunther.

Jim Bean and Signe.

Bob Valencia and Connie.

Neil and Dorothy Stone.

Sharon (McCausland) Libersat and Shelly (Stewart) Lane (seated).

Lorin Greenman and Marcia.

Lester and Fran Buchanan.

Sharon (Walberg) Schliep.

Dorothy and Charlie Burdette.

Mark Unruh and Karen.

Dan Hood and Connie.

Brad & Mary O’Shaunessy with Joan Westland (seated).

Terri and Bruce Gerhardt.

Rob Fowler and Penny.

Friends Terri & Penny with John McKinney.

Suzi (Kenniston) Lyons.

Richard and Betty (Mansfield) Barch.

Rita (Liedags) Compton.

Daughter Nikki with Patty (Ryyth) Diaz.

Good friends Constant Reyerse and Barbara (Swink) Link (seated).

Bob and Alice (Dietrich) Carter.

Gary Whipple.

Janice and Joseph Bensoua.

Lianna Harrington.

Tommy & Chrissy (Sautter) Garnica with Annie & Lupe Pacheco.

Pete Czuleger and his wife.

Mark Pickering and Cindy.

Janna (Willoughby) Brown.

Annie Pacheo and Cathe (Gomez) Rodriguez.

Dave Johnson and Marcie.

Ernest Carrick and Kathleen.

Debbie (Zabel) Collette.

Doug and Gayle (Dreizler) Bailey.

Tom Cox and Cindy.

John Ramsey and Ann.

Bob Fowler and Francine.

Don Debaun.

Augie Herrera and Lelana Bell.

Oscar and Joanna (Bowen) Peniata.

Randy Rosser.

Evan Zang.

Steve Kelley.

Christine (Johnson) Cantu.

Gary Mansour.

Craig Miller.

Steve Gandy and friend Tami.

Mattika (Bensoua) Rosenthal.

Mark and Cindy (Whyte) Archambault.

Cindy & Mark having fun with the photo props.

Additional helpers Anita (Seacord) Greenamyer (’71) and Jim Gonzalez (’71) joined Terry, Gentil and Joy.

Our roaming photographer Jan.

The Reunion Committee at check-in hoping everyone has a memorable time tonight! L-R: Al Hurt, Kathy Martin, Jules Jones, Chris Anderson (seated), Laurie Waterman, Terry Holland, Gayle Dreizler, Kim McLaughlin, and Susie Maddams.

Candid photos taken throughout the night

After check-in, it was off to the races! Buffet dinner, no-host bar, desserts, live DJ, Cathy Furkioti plays guitar in the outdoor patio, dancing and an outstanding amount of good people equals the best reunion — EVER! Here’s a few reminders of the fun we had, but also the great people we are — always Sea Hawks!

Rob, Curt, Alice, Bruce, Cathy, Gayle and Christine.

Cathy, Dorothy and Christine.

Terry photo-bombs Rob, Gayle and Bruce.

Joy and Debbie.

Cindy, Christine, Gayle and Dottie.

Oscar, Joanna and Don.

Shelly and Sharon.

Tom and Jim.

Ernest and Lupe.

Tom and Cindy.

Kathy and Gayle.

Steve and Scott.

Dennis and Bob.


Sharon and Janna.

Christine, Randy and Gayle.

Rob and Bob, the unrelated Fowlers.

Ken, Terry and Pete.

Dan, John and Bob.

Don, Joanna and Oscar.

Rick Shaw and Suzi.

Christine and Debbie.

Brett and Rick.

Dan, John and Bob.


Tom and Jim.

Patty, John and Deveraux.

Grace and Kim.

Mark and Cindy.

Cathe and Annie.

Dorothy, Barbara, Kathy, Valerie and Laurie.

Augie and Jules.

Shelly, Sharon and Rita.

Christine and Debbie.

Chris and Glenn Mueller.

Randy, Evan and Cindy.

Oscar and Curt.


Chris and Curt.

Cindy, Christine, Gayle, Joy and Dottie.

Lianna, Steve and Tami.

Kathy and Bruce ‘cut a rug,’ the old fashioned way, dancing!

Bruce and Terri join in.

Susie and Valerie.

Terry, Fran and Lester.

Charlie and Dorothy.

Grace, Kim, Tami and Steve.

The evening was full of scenes like this.

Lorin, Marcia and Connie.

Cathy and Geoff.

Charlie debates having another dessert.

Bruce, Terri, Penny and Rob.

Terry and Debbie.

Lorene, Bruce, Penny and Rob.

Mark, Craig and Geoff.

Don and John.

Steve and Scott.

Terry, Tom and Cindy.

Jan and Terry.

Billy and Gayle.

Scott, Dennis, Dorothy and Mark.

John, Terry, Rob and Bruce.

Ronnie and his wife, Judy, in the DJ booth.

Jim and Anita. (That’s Don Cuzick photo-bombing in the background)

Susie and Ludmilla.

Cathe, Gentil and Annie.

Augie and Jules.

Kathy grades a dessert.

Mark and Debbie.

Dancing the night away!

Christine, Randy and Gayle in the frame while Dan, John and (closer) Cindy (Shaw) Sankey (’68) look on.

Scott, Dennis, Dorothy and Mark.

Terry and Debbie.



Jim, Cathy and Anita.

Gayle, Don and Kathy.

Anita and Don.

Old friends meet and get re-acquainted.

The buffet dinner was great!

The Room Set-up!

The sign welcoming all the 50th Reunion Grads & guests to a memorable evening.

Entryway arch and check-in table.

Opportunity drawing donations table.

Room decorations and displays.

Room decorations and displays.

Room decorations and displays.

Room decorations, DJ stand and buffet.

Room decorations and buffet.

Buffet table.