Saturday ‘debrief’ @ the deck

Though now known as ‘the deck,’ we all grew up knowing it as a favorite Hermosa hot-spot on the beach, the poopdeck (or POOP DECK, depending on which side of the building you looked). It was next door to the Mermaid (also now gone) on that famous stretch of The Strand in front of the Hermosa Pier. The Beach Cities have soooooo much to offer, even today! See here how we wound up our reunion weekend Saturday debriefing each other on what just happened!

Sea Hawk Pride!

Bob Warchola, Cindy Elliott, Dorothy Stone, Curt Bertrand,, Neil and Mark Mitchler.

Danielle (Chris’ daughter), Christine Hamilton, Curt Bertrand, and Cindy Elliott.

The Gayles, Franzen and Dreizler, reconnecting.

Terry Holland and Susie Maddams.

Susie Maddams, John McKinney, and Christine Hamilton.

The Stewart clan: friend, Jordan (Shelly’s daughter) and Shelly Stewart.

Chris Anderson.

Jules Jones and Dottie Hurt.

Jules Jones and Dottie & Al Hurt.

Danielle, Gayle Dreizler and Grant (Cindy Elliott’s husband)

Chris Anderson and Smity Smith (’71).