Thursday: RUHS 2019 Graduation Day

Thursday, June 20, 2019, RUHS Graduation Day for the Class of 2019 was an exciting day with plenty of anticipation. Who will be there from the Class of 1969? What have they been doing? Being the 50-year Honored Grads, we were treated to a day of nostalgia, touring and recognition. Someone thought to remind those present that 50 years previous to that day, members of the Class of 1919 were present at our graduation. How many of us remembered THAT?

Alumni having fun as the day starts.

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The day started at 10:30 AM at the RUHS ALUMNI HOUSE with coffee and tea hosted by the Redondo Alumni Association and volunteers from the school. Thanks to the work of the Archives Committee, the Alumni House is home to 115 years of Redondo High history, including yearbooks, campus photos and other artifacts of campus life dating back to the early 1900s. On this day however, displayed were items with dates ending in xxx9. Donations, monetary or memorabilia from 1969 campus life, will be gratefully accepted to help maintain this beautiful addition to our campus for all to enjoy in future years.

Alumni House before renovation.

The Alumni House is a wonderful renovation of the old cottage style home located next to the Science Building. In 1969, it was labeled, “Custodial.” Most barely remember it being there, but many things go unnoticed when young as attention usually is focused elsewhere. Dedicated in 2017, the house project was completed thru efforts of the RUHS Alumni House Committee and was funded through philanthropy. They will gladly accept donations, both monetary and/or memorabilia, from alumni. You may contact them online through their fb page, or come by campus the first Monday of the month from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

Who remembers the Snack Shack from yesteryear? The A.L. Young building was replaced with five new classrooms in 2018.

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At around 11:30 AM we took a guided tour of the school campus. Immediately noticeable was the Snack Shack (aka, the A.L. Young building) was gone, replaced by a set of 900 wing classrooms. The huge berm outside the language wind was gone too, replaced by a two-story set of 800 wing classrooms.

Sea Hawk spire

The Sea Hawk spire was moved as well, to just outside the old homemaking classroom so it now overlooks the whole south of campus.

Many things were the same though, including the Auditorium, the 100-700 classrooms, and library though highly modified entrances from up top. Many were improvements that were long overdo new windows, etc.) and they even have added air conditioning! Students now don’t have to swelter though summer heat like we used to. It was enlightening to say the least!

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Entrance to the Cafeteria as it appeared before the renovation of 2017. The new structure is now called the Student Union.

Front and back views of the old Cafeteria from “back in the .day”

After a tour of the campus we were treated to a lunch hosted by the school and Alumni volunteers. The newly upgraded and redesigned cafeteria has been turned into a full Student Union. The “old” cafeteria is past history. Gone are the hash lines, and tables & chairs where we used to eat our lunches.

Today, the facility has been modernized, restaurant style, and includes an upper patio where students of today gather for lunch, or to meet up for study groups and relaxation.

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Presenting the RUHS Class of 2019 — All 680 graduates, dressed in their Sea Hawk caps and gowns.

We were shuttled from lunch to an area in front of the old bus barns. We had a perfect view of the entire stadium and the graduating class down on the field. During the ceremony, Mr. Brandt, RUHS Principal, introduced us to the overflow crowd of guests and spectators as the, “Honored 50 year graduates from 1969!” We wondered if the 2019 graduates thought as much about our significance at being there as we did about the class of 1919 being at our graduation.

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Crowne Plaza Marina Harbor Bar.

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Redondo Beach.

After a full day of excitement, reconnection and celebrity, it was time to let loose. That’s when we gathered at the Marina Harbor Bar in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. They had reserved most of the space for us and we were joined by many RUHS classmates from other years. It was a perfect way to relax and enjoy the company of old friends.