Touring the RUHS Campus

Remember the snack shack? The cafeteria? The administration building? Many things have changed since our days at Redondo Union High School. The number of students enrolled in the school has change too. In 2019 enrollment will exceed 3,000 students – double what it was when we were students.

We were amazed how much the campus has changed from the campus we enjoyed 50 year ago. New buildings, student gathering areas, and renovations of buildings we remember. Some areas remained almost completely intact. For those renovated, they were for the better: upgraded windows, lighting, tech capabilities, cabinetry and such making them more usefully modern. Preservation of artwork and artifacts was carried out by alumni volunteers throughout the work.

Augie Garnier begins the tour.

Chris & Cindy.

Mr. Ball giving campus history.

Since 1969 the addition of the 800 and 900 wing classrooms seem the most evident. But replacing the old cafeteria with the new Student Union, construction of the new Administration building on Diamond St. at Sea Hawk Way, and refurbishing the old boys’ gym into the Sports Pavilion are also highly noticeable. The real turnaround though is the transformation from the old pool and girls’ gym into the new Sports Complex of athletic courts, weight rooms, locker rooms, showers, fields and Olympic-sized Pool.

Relatively New Auditorium with Old Art

RUHS Auditorium entrance.

Band music room.

Auditorium signage.

RUHS Auditorium interior.

Jack McClain’s art display plaque.

“Remember to Remember”

Alumni Walk & Old Admin. Hallway Mosaic

Walking up to the Alumni Walk.

Arriving at the Alumni Walk.

Reconnecting along the way.

Continuing on down the Walk.

Bricks representing generations.

Old Admin. building now.

Revisiting the old mosaic mural.

Hallway lockers now in there.

Definition of Redondo.

Old Admin. building hallway mosaic mural from the ’60s.

Renovated & Expanded Sports Complex

Sea Hawk Pavilion.

Sea Hawk Pavilion entrance.

Sea Hawk Hall of Fame.

Sea Hawk from old gym floor.

Sea Hawk Pride!

“Panorama of Sports”

RUHS Football.

RUHS Track & Field.

RUHS Basketball.

The Big Gym now.

Main Gym court.

Small Gym entrance.

Mr. Bridi joins us in the small gym.

The small Gym court.

Athletes workout room.

South entrance of small Gym.

Olympic pool & softball fields beyond.

Lower multi-sport fields.

New Administration Bldg. on Diamond St.

Due to scheduled renovations, we were unable to tour the new Administration building. Here are some stock photos from previous years showing the outside and lobby hallway. The surfboard is the award given to each year’s winner of the “Battle of the Beach” football game between Redondo and Mira Costa.

New Admin. bldg. on Diamond.

Lobby entrance with BOB surfboard.

“Home of the Sea Hawks.”