RUHS 2019 Graduation Ceremony

It was our time to be recognized as the Honored 50-year Graduates. When we graduated back in 1969, the class of 1919 were the honored graduates…imagine that! Shuttles took us across campus to our perch, high above the east end of the football field. The school has provided bleachers to the area just in front of the old bus-barns on Vincent St. While there during the graduation ceremonies, the Principal, Jens Brandt, recognized us to the crowded stadium as the “Fifty Year Graduates from the class of 1969.” In addition to that distinction, there were also two families from the class of ’69 which represented three generation of RUHS graduates, the Stocks and the Andersons. Sandy [Dessert] Stock (’69), her son (’88) and granddaughter (’19), and Chris Anderson (’69), his mother (’43) and daughter (’19). Sea Hawks forever!

Honored Graduates sit in bleachers, high above the field

Mr. Jens Brandt, RUHS Principal, presides over the graduation ceremonies. Our class can be seen, way up above the field looking down.

After hearing Pomp & Circumstance play as the students and staff walk in, classmates stand for the Presentation of Colors by the MCJROTC.

Molly Cochran sings a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem after the Presentation of Colors to officially open the ceremonies.

A few photos taken from our perspective

A total of 680 out of 698 students participated in the Sea Hawk Bowl for the 2019 Graduation Ceremonies.

Both the home and visitors’ bleachers were filled to capacity. Here’s a view of the home side bleachers.

Guest tickets indicated which side they were to sit, and depended on the student’s last name (so they would nearer to that child).

After making the long walk down from the gym, students filled the seats in a long procession.

Before the ceremonies can begin, we stand for the presentation of colors and the National Anthem.

And, as we remember, introductions and speeches to last a lifetime.

Mr. Jens Brandt, RUHS Principal, declares the class a qualified for graduation the the superintendent of schools, Dr. Steven Keller.

Finally, the handing out of diplomas!

Next the tassel moves from right to left, indicating they have graduated!

A few photos by the pros (oh, I hope they don’t mind!)

The traditional walk around the field to introduce the new graduates to their guests.

The ‘dog pile,’ Sea Hawk style!

Finally, the oh, so fun Hat Toss!