Hosted Luncheon @ The RUHS Cafeteria

Next on the agenda was a lunch in the new Student Union cafeteria hosted by Jens Brandt, RUHS Principal, and his many volunteer helpers. The “old” cafeteria is past history and the “new” cafeteria sports all the modern conveniences. Gone are the tables & chairs where we used to eat our lunches, the hash-lines where we chose our lunch items and the back kitchen where it was all prepared. Today, the facility has been modernized restaurant style and includes an upper patio where students of today gather for lunch, or to meet up for study groups and relaxation.

Kathy, Laurie, and Alice start through the lunch line.

Todd Loewenstein, Redondo Beach City Councilman for Dist. 2, & Pat Ramsey, RUHS Class of 43.

Chuck O’Sullivan says, “I got to see my old friends, a tour of the campus, and food too?”

Jules Jones, Dorothy Stone, Susie Maddams, Laurie Waterman, Al Hurt, and Lianna Harrington.

Christine Hamilton, Cindy Elliott, Sharon Walberg, Alice Dietrich, and Cathy Shea.

Bob Valencia, Tom Cox, Bruce & Lorene Cowan, and John Ramsey.

Brett Shears, Steve Kelley, Bryan Goolsbly and Kathy Martin.

Christine Johnson.

Gary Whipple.

John Gilstrap.

Sandra (Dessert) Stock, grandmother to one of two ‘3rd-Generation’ RUHS 2019 Graduate families.

Chris Anderson, the son and father part of the second ‘3rd-Generation’ RUHS 2019 Graduate families.

Fran Buchanan and Lester.

Dan Hood.

Constant Reyerse, Mark Mitchler, Kim McLaughlin and Barbara Swink.

Valerie & Rick Woodbury, Curt Bertrand, Tom Cox and Betty Mansfield.

Pat and Linda (Denison) Aust, both Class of ’66 and two of the volunteers making our luncheon a success!

Dorothy, steadfast volunteer, Anthony Bridi, PDCHS Principal & tour guide, and Terry Holland.

The New Student Union — Cafeteria

New Student Union & cafeteria.

New look Cafeteria!

South side Cafeteria entrance.