Open Mixer @ The Marina Harbor Bar

By the end of the day, most were surely ready to gather for a no-host mixer in the bar area of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Alumni form other classes joined some of us for food, drinks, fun and laughter. See if you can remember the last time you saw…

Perfect start to the festivities. See if you can spot your friends!

Even the bar knew we were coming!

It was so great reconnecting and pulling pranks.

Barbara Swink and Terry Holland.

Brett Shears.

Contant Reyerse.

Curt Bertrand.

Dan Hood with Connie.

Dorothy Stone.

Lorene Cowan with Bruce.

Jordan, Christine, Grant, Cindy, Shelly and Curt.

Classmates from other years: Jan Coffin (’66), Cindy Shaw (’68) and Al’s wife, Dottie.

Dave Johnson with wife, Marcie.

Kim McLaughlin’s wife, Grace.

Jules Jones’ wife, Ludmilla.

Cindy Elliott.

Everybody’s friend, Mike Wood (Bishop Montgomery, ’66).

Shelly Stewart, Cindy Shaw (’68) and Kathy Martin.

Fran Buchanan with Lester.

Gary Whipple and Barbara Swink.

Gayle Dreizler and John McKinney.

Gil Houle with Doreen.

Jules Jones.

Kathy Martin and Gayle Dreizler.

Kathy Martin with Bob Martin (’71).

Mark Mitchler and Glenn Mueller.

Patty Gilmore, broken arm and all!

Rick Woodbury and sister, Kathy (’75).

Shelly Stewart and Christine Hamilton.

Gentil Bensoua (’71) and Shelly Stewart.

Steve Gandy and MaryLou Vargas with David.

Bob Wilkinson (’70) and Steve Kelley.

Susie Maddams and Terry Holland.

Susie Maddams.

Terry Holland and Fran Buchanan.

Terry Holland and Gayle Dreizler.