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RUHS Class of 1969 Alumni

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Alumni Directory: Class of 1969

STUDENT BODY OFFICERS – FROM L-R: Chris Burke, Secretary; Alan Hurt (seated), President; John Lujon, Vice President; and Mary Miller, Treasurer. 1969 Pilot, pg. 30.

1969 Class sponsor

CLASS SPONSOR –  Mr. Wayne Roy. 1969 Pilot, pg. 132.

Here is a listing of all the students associated with the class of 1969. Some were transfers, in or out, some passed away before reaching graduation, and probably some don’t belong in this class list at all.

We encourage you to update your information with us and to tell us of other updates you may know about. With your help, we will make this as complete as possible!

Click on a name to see the record in a pop-up window. Alphabetic heading links will return the window to the list top. Alumnus reported to us to be deceased are indicated in red italics. To update information or make other updates, select the update button in the pop-up window and follow the directions.

SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS – FROM L-R: Pete Czuleger, President; Randy Rosser, Vice-President; Lorene Cowan, Secretary; and Mary Parks, Sergeant-at-Arms. Not Pictured: Gayle Dreizler, Treasurer. 1969 Pilot, pg. 132.

Here are 594 student names from the database for the class of 1969.

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